Shadow Creek Pack

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The Alpha: Elaina

Alpha Female: Elaina E'Lyn
A little about me:
 My name is Elaina E'Lyn and I am Alpha Female of the Silver Creek pack. I have been alpha female for six years now  I am a Female Black timber wolf. larger than an average female normal wolf but not noticeably. My pack take Only Purebred Wolves. No mixes, for the simple fact that I am a part of the Senate and follow their rules. One alpha from every pack holds a seat to the senate of werewolves. I dont know how covens are clans work, but this is our way. I can shift physically, astrally, mentally, spiritually, and in dreams. I am of Celtic origin. a human, Anthro (bipedal) and feral (normal wolf) for can be taken by me.


Description: Dark black female wolf. Thick coat year round. Blue eyes. 2ft 11inches at shoulders and 6 ft 1inch stretched out.