Shadow Creek Pack

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This is a comic I found that shows what being a Werewolf is like. We may seem calm and in control. But our wolf is right below the surface ready to attack. Though we may have a some control, anything can trigger us to shift and attack.

I will teach you to shift. But I only teach Pack mates. Join my Pack and receive all the help i have to offer.

The Werewolf Shifting Types

We have heard of werewolves in legends, movies, and even books, but did you ever stop to think about if there are actually live werewolves.. now? There aren't as many people calming to be werewolves now as there were back when they were hunted down, but there have been many who claim they are the real thing. Some of those who claim to be don't always physically shift, but claim there are other various ways...  You can find more ways to shift on the Shifting post on my blog:


Non-Shifting is not a type of shift, but rather a condition. There are many werebeings who have never experienced any kind of Shift. Then why do they think they're werewolves? Simple, their connection with their animal is a way of life. In a way that is very real to them, they are both human and Wolf. Their animal is intertwined with all they do, what they like, how they interact to the world. They do realize that they aren't a Wolf by the world's definition, nevertheless thats what they are. They often experience some of the symptoms of being a werewolf other than Shifting. And many (perhaps some time or another all??) of them eventually experience Shifts.

Aura Shifting

Aura Shifting is the most common type of Shift, in fact, many Shiftier's never have any other kind. In an Aura Shift, the Shiftier will immerse him/herself in the animal's energy, resulting in a Wolf-like mood. The Shiftier will feel somewhat animalish, alert, very aware, with an often-pleasurable heightened sense of their physical body. This is very like the mindset that people playing a sport and really get absorbed into it. If you've ever gotten into a different mode of awareness/concentration/feeling when deep in a Hockey game and having lots of fun, you know pretty much what this is like. Hence the phrase, "I'm in the Zone!" The only big difference is the Shiftier has a definite sense of Wolfness (or whatever their totem is) to their mood. The body temperature may go up a bit and the behavior will seem more lupine in general.

Astral Shifting

Astral Shifting is when the Shiftier goes into the spirit world (astral plane) and Shifts there. It can take awhile to work yourself into the right frame of mind for this, so it's not as easy as aura shifting, which you can do anywhere and get away with. Dreaming of shifting into your animal, being your animal, or even dreaming about it, counts as Astral Shifting.

Mental Shifting

A Mental Shift is an aura shift that is much deeper with much more animalness. Mental Shifting also means any Non-Physical Shift, so someone claiming to have mentally shifted may be talking about any kind of Non-Physical Shift. Actually, there is no clear boundary between an aura shift and a mental shift. Aura shifts are often called "light mental shifts" and one Shiftier's experience of a mental shift may be much deeper than another's experience of mental shifting. And the depth of Mental Shift can, and often does, vary at different times. In the deeper mental shifts the shiftier achieves a state the army calls "Condition Orange", a much deeper version of the hockey state described in aura shifting. Condition Orange is a state of heightened awareness and concentration in which the coordination is likely to be very precise in an unconscious, easy, effortless kind of way, it is like the state a healthy Wild animal is in most of the time. The Shiftier will likely have trouble with words, making little sense or losing speech altogether. The Shiftier tends to engage in behavior that is definitely animal-like, and might forget how to get around on two legs. The Shiftier may be able to run around on all fours (not hands and knees, but hands and feet) in a very agile, natural-looking way. The Shiftier might or might not have memory holes, or memory fuzziness, or no memory at all of what they did while mentally shifted. You might want to look at this for more info. On average lighter mental shifts are remembered much better than deeper mental shifts. Mental Shifts often cause a deep desire to drink lots of ice-cold water after or during the shift. Mental Shifts sometimes cause "Wolf spit" to form in the mouth, "Wolf spit" being Shiftier slang for that kind of gunky spit you sometimes have in your mouth when you first wake up in the morning. Mental Shifts can cause the skin to become very pale or even "gray", like a person in shock.

Spirit Shifting

A Spirit Shift has more than one meaning. Those for whom being a Shiftier is a very spiritual thing may call mental shifting spirit shifting. The other thing is some werewolves mentally shift by channeling a Wolf Spirit or a Shifting Spirit into their body in much the same way that a regular channeler can channel a guardian angel, an astral entity, or someone's dead relative. Thus the second meaning of Spirit Shifting refers to a Mental Shift in which a Wolf Spirit was channeled into the body. Of course, many Shiftier's don't believe in spirits while others do but are sure none are being channeled into their body. While yet other Shiftier's are sure that all Mental Shifts result from a spirit being channeled into the body.

Shape Shifting

And now Shape Shifting (Physical Shifting), the most rare and interesting type of Shift. There are actually several types of Shape Shifting and they do have some overlap. A Shiftier can experience more than one kind of Shape Shifting, or a kind of Shape Shift between two well-defined categories. Shape Shifting may or may not be accompanied by a simultaneous Aura Shift or Mental Shift or Spirit Shift. Some Shiftier's use the term "Shape Shifting" to refer to Non-Physical Shifting, which can make some people angry.

Learn to howl: Play this audio.

Werewolves' blood is poisonous to Vampires in large amounts. It is unknown what the effects are for smaller amounts.


A person can become a werewolf by being born one (as royals are born this way), bitten by a werewolf (though is rarely happens this way because it is a tricky procedure), cursed by a witch, or been given the power through other forms of magic.

Silver will not kill a werewolf, it actually helps prevent shifting from one form to another. may wolves wear it to help control shifting. Wolfs bane is highly poisonous when ingested and may cause a painful skin reaction.

Werewolves communicate through a form of telepathy which enables them to hunt and perform more efficiently.

Werewolves in a pack have a  link that bonds them together, if one werewolf in the pack dies the other werewolves can sense his or her death. 

Some beliefs state that holly water can kill a werewolf, this is false. Crosses, holy water, and the bible do not ward off werewolves.

It is one belief that werewolves are deathly afraid of water regardless of the amount or the circumstances, this is also false.

Werewolves DO NOT have to turn on a full moon. A werewolf can change his or her form and shift at will whenever he or she wants to, at day or night. Although newly turned werewolves are sometimes forced to change by certain aspects of the lunar cycles or certain sounds such as the howling of another werewolf. Alphas can Force younger wolves to shift because they have a psychic dominance over them.