Shadow Creek Pack

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Alpha: The leaders of the pack. They are in charge of overseeing mostly everything. From the courting of Werewolves, to the meeting dates and the paperwork from the newest of the Werewolves.

Beta: The second in charge under the Alphas. Usually the alphas can trust them on all levels. If the Alphas aren’t around, they usually take care of everything needing to be done.

Omega: They make up the body of the pack. they are the mid ranks. Mostly, they consist of all other jobs in the pack.

Hunter: These wolves are VERY good, in they are in charge of the hunting when the pack cannot hunt together.

Seekers: These wolves are the fastest of our pack. They find new wolves, potential wolves and loners who need a pack.

Pups: What can I say? You were born into this pack or were taken in by the alphas and other pack mates and you cannot fend for yourself. So, in general, you are a pup. The pack usually takes care of newborns until they are ready to take care of that point they pup-sit the other younger pups.  Also, when they get old enough, they may venture from the pack and fend for themselves. Or they could stay with the pack. Pups are from the ages of newborn to 15. At 16 to 17 you are a young adult.

 Outcasts: These wolves are the least trusted of the pack. The only way to get this rank is to turn against your pack or deliberately disobey higher ranks.

Pack Law

1.) Respect
You must respect all pack mates, especially those with a higher rank than you.

2.) Orders
Orders given by higher ranking members are to be followed to the letter.

3.) Recruiting 
Lower ranking member cannot recruit other wolves into the pack. This is a job for the alphas and betas. Recommendations will be looked over and reviewed. Transfers will be considered.

4.) Dating and Mates
dating members from other packs is allowed only if given permission by the alphas. A form must be filled out and submitted to the alphas. They will either grant you permission or deny it to you. But if you are to become serious with that other wolf you must have them transfer over to our pack. Applications can be filled out. Falling in love with humans is out of the question unless that human has intentions of becoming a wolf.

5.) Females
Females who have taken a mate are the responsibility of that male. They are like their property. Unless the male lets her go or she moves on or the male dies, she is off limits to all other males. This is to be respected. 

6.) Disputes
All disputes within the pack are to be brought to the betas. All disputes outside the pack shall be brought to the alphas.

7.) Punishments
Punishments are to be carried out by the alphas and betas ONLY. Unless otherwise instructed.

8.) Contribution
We are not babysitters. All pack members MUST contribute to the pack in some way.

9.) Pups
Pups are to be cared for and protected by everyone. We stand together as a pack.