Shadow Creek Pack

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Are you interested in joining the Shadow Creek Pack? Well here is what you do. 
We do not believe in creating our kind. Werewolves are to be born, not made.

 Copy and paste this application form into an email. Fill out the application and email it to the Alpha at
[email protected]

we recently changed our name from Silver to Shadow Creek. we will have the email changed soon.

As of late, some people have been creating false profiles and applications, and so the Betas and I have come to the conclusion human photos are required and we will ask for another upon interview.

Please write "Shadow Creek Pack" in the subject of the email. 

Human Name::

Wolf Name::

Human Age::

Human form Description:(Picture required)

Wolf form Description:(send a picture as well)

Wolf Eye color:
Wolf fur color:

Give us some background history about you (and why you chose us):

Mate for life?:

Dating / courting:

Previous Pack Position::

How often are you online?:

Where are you located?:

Anything you wish to tell us?:

Give us a good reason as to why you want to join our pack:

An Email that the pack or alphas and betas can contact you on:

KIK messanger USER name:

Cell Phone number that we can contact you on: (optional)

Face Book (prefered) :

Thank you for applying. ^   ^ That will be all that is required for the email. Thank you for joining! You will get an email from the Alpha and beta if you are in, and we will let you know what your position in the pack you are

Send us a message with your concerns. or email us at [email protected]