Shadow Creek Pack

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The Wolf Den

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Currently Recruiting as of February 10th of 2013


 Welcome to the Shadow Creek Pack. We are a Werewolf pack that has come together for social reasons as well as protection reasons. Now, we are NOT lycans. Lycans CANNOT shift at will where as we can. Here at Shadow Creek Pack, we take care of our own and make each and every one of our werewolves feel welcome and cared for. We are different than other Alphas because we are more accepting than others.We have rules that are to be followed. And we expect you to be respectful of others, especially those of higher rank than you.
We take care of our pack as if they are our family. In other words you mess with our pack, you mess with all of us!

As a pack, instinctively we want to build numbers of our kind. but because pack is family, we are very very picky. First off, the heritage and breed of werewolf is important.  secondly, you must be family oriented.

Please take your time to read what we are about before you choose whether to join or not.
You must have questions. Well we have answers.
On this site there are many visible pages and a few that will be found under the "more" button at the top of this page. Feel free to look around and find out more about us.
Here is my Blogs that are linked to this site:

The Alpha

PS. If you are looking for a pack to join, we are active and very very communitive with each

other. Join us if you so please.